DRU Industry Park: a unique location on the Oude IJssel River

A unique area has developed where the DRU iron foundry was once the beating heart of the Achterhoek’s industrial activity. Together, the old factory buildings and the green area on the other side of the Oude IJssel River form the DRU Industry Park. It has become an industrial heritage site where people now live, work, learn, relax and enjoy themselves!

Then and now

The seven buildings at DRU Industry Park have all been reallocated throughout the years. Theatre, film and pop music lovers can enjoy all kinds of shows at DRU Cultuurfabriek in the Portiersgebouw. The SSP-HAL was transformed into an event hall. Trade fairs, markets, exhibitions, conferences and leisure events are often held here. Such events include HuntenKunst art festival, the Youngtimer Festival and the Achterhoekse garden fair. ICER Innovation Centre is located in the former deburring area the Afbramerij. ICER combines the activities of educational organisations, entrepreneurs, artists and the Nederlands IJzermuseum (iron museum). It introduces visitors to the past and present of the Achterhoek’s manufacturing industry. The Beltmancomplex and Badkuipenfabriek combine living and working spaces.

Discover the area

We offer all kinds of outdoor activities as well: the grounds are full of exquisite art pieces and we have a water playground and a skate park for the children. Everything at the park can be seen against the backdrop of the skyline of the factory buildings, striking water tower and the chimney as a point of reference overlooking the Achterhoek bocage landscape. DRU Park is on the other side – a venue where large music festivals are held, such as Festivaart and Huntenpop. Its gorgeous location on the Oude IJssel River makes DRU Industry Park a nice spot connecting all kinds of nearby sights in Doesburg and Germany. Enjoy the hospitality and landscape of the Achterhoek while cycling or strolling along the Oude IJssel, or take a boat trip!