DRU Industry Park: Directions

DRU Industry Park is located in the city of Ulft, in the Achterhoek. DRU Industry Park is accessible both by car and public transport. There is ample parking at the car park on the other side of the Oude IJssel River. To reach the car park, follow the brown tourist signs saying ‘DRU Industriepark’.

Directions: by car

DRU Industry Park is perfectly accessible by car. Coming from outside the city of Ulft (N317), follow the brown tourist signs saying ‘DRU Industriepark’. These signs lead to a large car park at the edge of DRU Industry Park. The footbridge over the Oude IJssel River will bring you within walking distance of all the buildings. There are various information posts with maps and directions on the grounds.

Events: parking

During major events in the SSP-HAL for example, visitors must park at the large car park at the edge of DRU Industry Park. To reach the car park, follow the brown tourist signs saying ‘DRU Industriepark’ or the special parking information signs. Parking on the grounds or in the surrounding areas is not permitted, unless special access has been granted by the organisation.

Daily parking

For a visit to one of the businesses located on the grounds, set your navigational system to:

Wonion – Beltmancomplex: Frank Daamenstraat (Oerplein car park)

DRU Cultuurfabriek – Portiersgebouw: DRU-laan (DRU-laan car park)

SSP-HAL – SSP-HAL: DRU-laan (DRU-laan car park) Please note: no parking during events!!

Optimaal FM – Loongebouw – Hutteweg (Emailleplein car park)

ICER – Afbramerij – Hutteweg (Emailleplein car park)

There are plenty of free parking spaces on Oerplein, Emailleplein and DRU-laan.


Directions: via public transport

Coming from Winterswijk

Take the train to Terborg train station. Change to Arriva Bus Line 195 (Terborg-Megchelen). Get off at ‘Ulft, DRU Industriepark’. Please note: Line 195 departs every hour. Travel time: around 10 minutes.

Coming from Arnhem

Take the train to Doetinchem train station. Change to Arriva Bus Line 28 (Doetinchem-Gendringen). Get off at ‘Industriepark’ on Frank Daamenstraat in Ulft. Please note: Line 28 departs every half hour during weekdays (every 15 minutes in the morning and afternoon rush hour). Line 28 departs every half hour on Saturdays and every hour on Sundays (does not apply to off-peak hours). Travel time: around 15 minutes.


The Huntenbus goes between around 7:00am to 7:00pm on weekdays. After that, the local bus departs as a call-up bus service: at night (until 11:00pm), on Saturdays (from 8:00am – 11:00pm) and on Sundays (from 10:00am to 11:00pm). The call-up bus service only departs in the event of reservations. Reservations can be made until one hour before departure, at telephone number: (0900) 1961. The local bus has separate bus rates (lower rates than standard public transport). Tickets for the local bus can be purchased from the driver. Single-ride, four-ride, and ten-ride tickets are available. A reduced rate applies to Senior citizens and children aged 4 – 11. Children under the age of 3 travel for free. Students with a year-round public transport chip card also travel for free on local buses. Arriva zone travel passes, schoolbus passes, city and regional transport passes, star subscriptions or public transport chip card holders are required to purchase regular tickets.